How to Save Money by Spending More

It’s a common misconception that you need to save hard. Of course, saving is good, but you can actually save money by spending more on certain things. I know, it might sound crazy but the more experience/better quality items you buy, the longer they will last and be more sustainable for the planet.  Here are some great examples.

Buy Higher Quality Home Furnishings

Most of us take pride in our homes. And we want a safe and reliable place to relax, entertain and raise a family. And this means decorating every now and then. While it’s tempting to do this on a budget, there are some things you must consider splurging on. For example, hardwood tables or modern luxury designer rugs are crafted to perfection with quality materials. So although they might cost a little more, they will last a lifetime if you look after them.

Mortgages, Renting and Buying Property

A mortgage is a loan that turns into a big debt. So only think about getting one if you think it would help you. Of course, a mortgage builds equity, so if you ever want to sell, you can gain more from the sale of your house. It can also be cheaper than renting a house or apartment.

Save Money by Spending More with Meal Deliveries

Depending on your situation, meal subscription services can save you a lot of money in addition to grocery shopping. One of these situations is when you can save a lot of money on food and bills by cooking only what you need in exact amounts. Meal delivery services such as Dietbon are a great example. At first, they can seem pricey. But they save money by cutting back on ingredients and by giving discounts to new and long-term customers alike.

Shop Online for Groceries

About 30% of grocery shopping is now done online. You might think it costs more, but you’ll actually save money. For instance, you’re less likely to buy things on the spot like you would in a store. Studies have also shown that people buy organic foods and other healthier items online. By making a meal plan and learning new recipes, you can make sure meals last longer. So, things like delivery cost more, but you save money by making better food choices.

Get as Much Insurance as You Can Afford

You likely have expensive things in your house. For example, you might have saved up for a PlayStation 5 or gotten a loan for a big TV. Even if you can, you might not be able to replace these luxuries if they get broken or stolen. This is why insurance is helpful, especially for things like washing machines and other white goods that you depend on. Insurance is an extra cost every month, but it’s nothing compared to the cost of replacing something very expensive.


You can reduce many hassles in your life if you save money by spending more. For example, better quality furniture lasts longer, you make better decisions, and you use food better when buying online. You can remove the headache of replacing something expensive with insurance. I hope these tips help. 

DISCLAIMER: This is a collaborative post.


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