Inspiration for a new home….(for my clothes)

Wardrobe Inspiration

If things go to plan, hopefully my husband and I will be able to buy our first home at the start of 2015. With 5 years together and paying off our own wedding, it has been a struggle(like most couples have) but the reward of actually owning a place will be wonderful.

As we would both be happy to have a project, we have been longing to have a decent wardrobe area and creating our own one would be really special for us. As you can imagine, I have A LOT of clothes which grows daily and Gary’s collection(through my blog) is growing rapidly too!

I’ve searched online and also looked on Emblem Furniture showrooms and seen some great inspirational pictures of closets that I think my clothes would look great in and also some brands that can make it a reality.

Wardrobe Inspiration Wardrobe Inspiration Wardrobe InspirationWardrobe Inspiration Wardrobe Inspiration

I have had a look at a few pieces that I would want to include in our wardrobe and even designed a layout on Ikea which was fun and also tells you how much it will be too (but maybe don’t tell Gary that part).


1) Draws – Emblem Furniture

2) Mirror and shelves – Ikea

3) Chair – Emblem Furniture

Ikea design your own wardrobe


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