It maybe Small but it SURE is Mighty PART 1

SURE Compressed Range Bunnipunch[youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”-14zmPMqha8″]

You may have seen the Ad’s for Sure’s Compressed deodorant cans and I bet you thought, Smaller? But how is that going to help me? I sadly was one of these people so I wanted to put my theories to the test.

Sure have been around for as long as I can remember and through my teenage years of riding bikes, roller skating and general mishaps, I have always used Sure and they have always protected me from our normally bodily functions.

I have been using Sure’s underarm roll-on more recently but once I saw this cute little compressed can from Sure, I wanted to see if I could get the same performance out of something small enough that I can carry around in my pocket all day.

Firstly, it is very strong, not in a bad way but because of the compressed liquid inside the can, you really need to hold it 15 cm from your body and you only need to give it a quick spray. You can also really feel the pressure so you know there is a lot of deodorant in there!

Secondly, it’s compact size is my new best friend! If you know me, I am always running around(sometimes without my head) and don’t really have time to stop, chat or do general things like peeing. This little Sure can was great to have with me in my bag just in case I needed a top up on my deodorant and even better, it weigh’s nothing so it was so easy to carry around all day and not even feel it.

Thirdly? Well we need to test it out! It’s all well and good using it in your day-to-day activity but what using it in sports when you may really need it?

I am going to test this over the next week, either in a Yoga class, running or riding my bike and see if it can help me through my routine and make me stay fresh. I normally run for about 10 miles + so this will be a great challenge.

Make sure you check back guys and see if it can pass the 3rd test.



3 responses to “It maybe Small but it SURE is Mighty PART 1”

  1. Already picked one up for my handbag! x

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