It maybe Small but it SURE is Mighty PART 2

Pineapple Studios Sure compressed

You may have read my first post where I have been testing out Sure Compress but I wanted to really put this cute little can to the test! I booked myself into a class at Pineapple studios to do a Yoga class to see if it could stand the heat and stretching.

Sure Compressed has a very powerful spray and pressure for such a small can so you really don’t need much to protect yourself.  Before my class, I sprayed Sure on my underarms and chest and was ready to put it to the test. Yoga isn’t massively straining for me but it was nice to do relaxing positions that warmed up my joints and tested Sure’s ability to keep me fresh during my class.

I was really surprised how well Sure Compress held up while I was doing Yoga. I like to throw myself into any sports I do so I really didn’t hold back but thankfully Sure kept me smelling lovely. Even as we were winding down in the class, I felt like I could happily get on the tube and not cause any offensive to anyone and let it be obvious that I have just done a work out.

If you haven’t tried Sure Compressed I would definitely say it is well worth a try. As it is so easy to carry around in your bag, it will keep you protected all day and gives you extra confidence when you are out and about. It seems to have the same amount in the can as it’s larger version but because it is compressed so much, you really don’t need to spray as much on your body as you may have done before.

So why not try it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!


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