It’s time you gave your kitchen an update

The kitchen is where we all spend a lot of time. It plays a crucial part in our daily lives, especially if cooking is something that you enjoy. That said, a badly set out kitchen can take away from the cooking experience, and all people need to enjoy this experience in a comfortable workspace. In any case, you deserve a comfortable kitchen that’s not too difficult to navigate, nor a hassle to get a meal cooked up. You need space, storage, and ease of access. Is all of that possible in a small home? Yes, if you’re willing to put the work in.

Improving your storage

Kitchen utensils can be difficult to organise. They’re all odd-shaped, and they’re not easy to put away into drawers and cupboards. Putting a ladle or potato masher into a drawer might be something you regret when it gets stuck in there, and you’re unable to open it for future use. You need to consider a better way to actually store these difficult tools, and the best way might be through utensil racks.

They’re easy to get a hold of, and they also wouldn’t be too difficult for you to make if you’re into DIY. you can securely keep your tools hanging from the wall, and you’ll never have to struggle with putting them away or getting them out again. This works just as well for your pots and pans, making them very easy to get your hands on when you need them. Now that you’ve got your pots, pans, and other utensils hanging from your wall, your cupboard space is all clear and open for new items. Food storage containers would be a great idea, making it a lot easier to save your food for another time.

A new worktop

One of the main peeves that people have with cooking is how much mess you make while you do it. It can be frustrating, but all you can do is try to work with what you’ve got and make the mess easier to clean up. Making sure your countertop is easy to wipe down is very important, and you would also want to make sure it’s heat-resistant. Worktops can be quite expensive, but they’re worth it if they’re going to last you as long as you need them to. A good worktop can make clean-up easy, and cut down your prep time significantly. 

Consider an island

If you’ve got enough room in your kitchen, you should consider an island. Having a centre workspace can make preparing meals easier, and you’ll probably see a lot of them when you’re looking through inspirational kitchen makeovers. There’s no such thing as too much workspace, and having to deal with a cramped amount of space can make the whole experience quite frustrating. Not only does an island give you more room to prepare your meals, but often they’ll come with cupboards, giving your even more storage space to keep your cookware.

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