James Long 22nd Sept LFW SS11

Menswear day at London Fashion week was full of different designers with their very different visions and I must say that James Long’s new season line was commercial yet still had that designer edge that gave it that ‘cool’ factor. 

The Models had an air of relaxed, surfer dude’s attitude and sported wavy hair for that LA boy feel.

Colourful Marble effect shorts with turned up bottoms, white zipped boiler suits, enough knitwear to stretch you into A/W and the coolest leather/fur jackets to grace the catwalks so far.
James Long’s knitwear is definitely a feature of the collection. In a array of different colours and using ladder effect and many other techniques, they hold alot of interest and great to use as a base for any man’s wardrobe.

What is also a plus about his new line is the fact that is can easily be worn by women which as a female bunni is a plus for me!





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  1. ha, very cool BoysScouts! 😉

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