Leather and more Leather was the theme for Jayne Pierson’s new collection and the audience were happy to see it. Key pieces from the collection consisted of the leather harems, Corsets, 80’s lace and outwear that impulsed the sexy and vamp style of a Prague socialite. With detailing such as silver jewellery, body – fitted dresses and dark make-up, the collection was a mixture of 80’s glam rock meets Underworld. With such a dynamic collection, the leather pieces will be snapped up as soon as they are available, making A/W that little more sassy and sexy……


  • 27 February 2011

    Haha I just blogged about this today too! I liked the leather, but wasn’t too keen on the PVC/patent/whatever that was :-S Shame we never managed to meet up, but then again I almost never see those I plan to during fashion week!


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