John Galliano S/S 2012 PREVIEW – Paris Fashion Week

John Galliano’s recent S/S 2012 collection is to put it simply, beautiful. As the Fashion House love to create unique trends, the new season is no different as the World of Mary Poppinshas been brought to live. I am a massive fan of the film and I grew up watching and singing all the songs so seeing this collection was like pure joy for the little girl inside. With a wide selection of pieces, the collection was divided up on Trend inspired pieces and the more commercial so it is perfect for all lovers of Paris Fashion who maybe don’t like to dress as bold as me.
With key details such as two tone lace, hand sewn sleeves, embellishment and pleat details, there is something very special about the pieces this season and the time and effort spent making each item is apparent. As well as the Mary Poppins style coats with silk inserts, the shoes are also a massive highlight. The brand have continued using the Gazette paper print on the soles but have really turned them into fabulous historic reference that you would image came straight from the 1920’s. With some updates such as the suede tassels, zigzag leather trims and buckle details, the shoes also come in high summer pastel colours that runs throughout the collection for S/S. I totally fell in love with these accessories and you know they will be statement shoe for the New Year.
Have a look at the show from S/S (at the bottom of the page) and you will feel the real sense of John Galliano’s creation and what the label has in store for us.
All images by Lois Spencer-Tracey

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