Street Style 2014 BunnipunchStreet Style 2014 BunnipunchStreet Style 2014 BunnipunchStreet Style 2014 BunnipunchStreet Style 2014 BunnipunchI love jumpsuits and I think they are a huge favourite among fashion bloggers. Most girls would probably wear theirs with heels and a clutch but I wanted to wear this gorgeous eye jumpsuit from Lavish Alice with a more casual look that is on-trend and different.  The Jumpsuit itself is really comfortable and I am wearing a larger size so it’s slight big but I like it that way.

For a sportier edge, I thought this Brookhaven Maddison jersey was great and acted almost like to blazer. It’s a really comfortable and would look great over some batted old dungarees or even some trailered trousers.

As the colours were fairly toned down I thought some statement trainers would be ideal to breathe some life into this look. Bucketfeet have some great and colourful styles and I love these slip on’s and the pink, red, white and blue colour infusion just makes them more fun!

A big statement necklace was ideal to finish off this look and this option from Topshop has that bling factor. With a velvet and metal chain that wraps around the whole piece, it has a hint of luxury but looks great with this casual look too.

Top – Brookhaven at JD

Jumpsuit – Lavish Alice

Trainers – Bucketfeet

Necklace – Topshop

Images by Gary Spencer-Tracey

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