Kigu Review by Bunnipunch 2014 Kigu Review by Bunnipunch 2014 Kigu Review by Bunnipunch 2014 Kigu Review by Bunnipunch 2014 Kigu Review by Bunnipunch 2014

I love a good onesie and Kigu have some utterly amazing ones including this blue Unicorn!!  As we were off to Alton Towers, there was no better place for me show off this cool Unicorn piece and of course, jumping on their beds and playing in their bunk beds was pretty cool too!

Being a Unicorn at Alton Towers was pretty fun. Even though I have a long pink tail and a large horn on my hood,  I was always comfortable when I was catching a nap and my large, oversized body keep me warm and toastie!  Having my feet bare and buttons on my belly are great if you are getting a bit warm and my soft fur makes it so lovely to wear all day (in fact, you won’t want to take it off).

If you love being in a Onesie, there are loads of cool designs from Kigu, including a Sloth, Hippo, Lemur and even a Dinosaur!  They all come in one size but are so LUSH and perfect for snuggling at home during those cold nights of winter!

Images by Gary Spencer-Tracey


  • 23 October 2014

    How fun! Looks super cozy, love onesies <3

    Pretty in Python

  • 23 October 2014

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  • 28 April 2015

    I want to be a unicorn too!!

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