Krystof Strozyna – London Fashion Week S/S 2011

A video played featuring a beautiful model, in nature’s Garden as she played with flowers and bubbles while the anticipation of the show mounted.
Krystof’s show was simply beautiful. I am a very keen wearer on pastel colours in soft fabrics for summer and this collection had those key elements and more!
Lace inserts wrapped with silk and topped with lace knee-high socks in a creamy beige set the scene for a gorgeous and girlie collection.
Prints were featured from the blue animal to the slight space inspired pattern in a blouse with puff shoulders that was teamed with a beige lace skirt, setting off the colours beautifully. Black shear trousers were also featured in a two tone style using different materials and a black loose fitted Tux was also in the collection, giving a nice change from the extremely feminine pieces before it.

The collection bleedes with the premiere of the ‘Krystof’ diffusion line which is based on graphic cuts that are inspired from the designers main line.

Overall it was a complete joy to see this collection and can’t wait to see what the designer has in store for us in February 2011!

All images by Bunnipunch

2 responses to “Krystof Strozyna – London Fashion Week S/S 2011”

  1. he is so so great a new upcoming Fashion Designer Star! xoxo

  2. Lois says:

    I loved all his line! Epic!

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