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Body Shop HaulThe Body Shop was always the brand that I used to buy from when I wanted some fabulous bath products and with an even wider range available, I thought I would show you some of the latest items that are perfect for any lady who wants a treat.

Body Shop HaulI find the older I get, the more moisturizer I need and this Virgin Mojito body sorbet is light, frosty and alive with zingy lime and mint. Using just a small amount, it is a perfect product for the tougher areas like your knees and elbows and the fragrance leaves you feeling fresh, fruity and in the mood for a luxury holiday somewhere HOT.

Body Shop HaulI am pretty lazy when it comes to any after-shower routines but since trying this fab Mojito Body Splash, I think I am totally converted. Once you jump out of the shower, you simply throw some onto your body to feel regenerated and fresh as a daisy. The lime and mint spell is great for first thing in the morning and it feels lovely too!

Body Shop Haul Body Shop HaulIf Mojito’s aren’t your thing then the Body Shop also has this cool Vitamin C Glow boosting moisturiser which is perfect for dull, fed-up skin. With a huge citrus hit, I really love this product and it smells so good, I could eat the whole pot! Simply use a small dab on your tired skin and it will be bring you back to life with this body-needing ingredient.

Body Shop HaulNow that summer has (sort of) arrived, it’s time to get out those white arms and legs and give them some colour. As I don’t like many faux tan products but this Honey Bronze from the Body Shop was SO easy to use and effective too. With a few squints, you rub the lotion into your desired areas and you instantly have a hint of Bronze power. With instant colour, it’s a great item for this season and to give you some colour before your big holiday in the sun!

Body Shop Haul


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