Laura Bailey has been a busy woman. From campaigns for Temperley, M&S and Ray Ban to her campaigning for Vogue on ethical and fair trade fashion, Laura is trying to get us to sit up and take note. While she as been working for all these companies, she has also dedicated herself to the Green Style blog for Vogue reporting on all the newest information on all things fair trade. Laura will also soon be taking a trip to Ghana with Oxfam as a fact finding and film making trip on the fashion product that is being produced out there.

The model turned writer and designer is very passionate about fashion products created in the third world and is ready to share her thoughts with the fashion press.

So with all these things Laura is involved in, she found time to head to Swarovski Crystallized cafe for a FBC organized event with editor Dolly Jones to get her message across on all things ethical and the how the Fashion industry is and should be helping.
It was obvious from the start that Laura was very passionate about third world countries and the people she had met along the way. She felt very touched by her recent trip to Africa and saw the progress of products being made by the craftsman she met to being sold in the UK to stores such as Topshop.

As she is now a mother of two, delivering a message to her Children as well as the fashion industry has become very important but with her Children she finds they are sometimes educating her.

It’s no surprise that with the strong views Laura has on ethical fashion, herself and the Jewellery company MADE have teamed up to create a wonderful range made in Africa to help get the message across that beautiful products can be made in in these countries by gifted people there.

With the designer experience Laura has gained, she now sees the Fashion industry differently, seeing the path that ideas and fashion details take and the story and history behind labels we all love today.

As long as some Mystery is kept Laura Bailey isn’t looking to get herself into the lime light as some known Brand like other models or celebrities but is happy being a free spirit that can concentrate on being a wonderful Mother with a truly worthwhile message.

Hopefully other designers will create more lines using countries as such Africa for their products thus helping communities and the people there showing their talent and dedication.

Photo by Sam Atkinson for FBC

Photo by Sam Atkinson for FBC

Photo by Sam Atkinson for FBC

Myself and the lovely Laura Bailey

Special thanks for Fashion Business Club for having me at this event.

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