Let your mates stay over in style with the EZ Bed

There is nothing worse than having your own house and not being able to have your friends stay over. We have a two-bed house but as it’s very small, we don’t have the room for a double bed mattress to be stored anywhere so that our friends or family can use it.

We did start looking at some sofa beds but we didn’t really like any of the styles and it was just at this point that I heard about the new EZ bed from JML.

Easy to store in its own wheelie case, this bed is great for putting your mates up and it’s not too complicated at putting together either. I wasn’t sure how easy it was at first to set up so I had a trial run in our living room and it is REALLY easy! I unzipped the case, making sure there is enough room for the bed to inflate, extended the bed fully so it could expand properly and then made sure I had a plug nearby so I could plug it in.

Once you plug in the bed, you turn the dial to inflate and watch it fully expand into a double bed. The power to the bed doesn’t cut out when it is inflated so once you are happy with the firmness of the mattress, turn the dial to off and unplug it. It’s so easy compared to blowing up an air mattress by hand and it’s nice to have the bed off the floor too so there is less chance of a puncture (it does come with a kit worse case though).

Once the bed is ready, you can make it with a normal bottom sheet, a duvet/blanket, and pillows and you are ready to roll!

Set up is about 5 minutes which is great when your guests are tired and I couldn’t resist letting Bunni have a little investigate when it was fully made and ready to lie on.

The EZ Bed comes in a single and double size and is great for any flat or house and totally easy to store away! It’s comfortable too which is a massive plus and great for peace of mind.

You can watch how easy it is to set up via my Instagram post here!

DISCLAIMER: JML gifted me the EZ Bed to try and review honestly.


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