Lunch with Black and Blue, Waterloo, London

I have to tell you, I have been dying to try out a restaurant of Black and Blue’s so when the opportunity came about during London Fashion Week, I was excited to jump onboard.

As me and Amy were having an alternative fashion week this season and it was great to spend some proper time together and enjoy some lush food!

I really loved the look and feel of the Black and Blue in Waterloo, London. Iconic photography lined the walls, warm booths were scattered around and the staff were just fabulous to us.

As we were at Black and Blue, I was keen to try one of their famous steaks.  I wasn’t too fussed on the cut so settled on a fillet with fries but I really wanted to try the asparagus and pooched eggs as my starter.

And I wasn’t disappointed…

The asparagus and eggs were so delicious! It was full of flavour and cooked just right.

The fillet steak was amazing too and it was perfectly pink inside and the fries were too moorish.

It was really great to visit Black and Blue.

Each of their restaurants look a little different but I really liked the layout of the Waterloo branch and some of the artwork and photography dotted around the room was really inspiring.

Images by me and Amy.



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