Luxurious products from Nakin

I love trying out new brands especially when they are luxurious products from Nakin! The brand is pretty new on the scene so I was keen to try out their Face Serum, Face Oil and Active Dew Face Cream.

The Face Serum and Oil were so easy and simple to add to my daily routine. The serum you apply after cleansing which left my face feeling soft and refreshed and the Oil you can use in the morning or night by gently massaging into your skin. The Oil was definitely easier for me to use as I had it sat on my bedside table and applied it once a day. I love how it made my skin feel and it is a product I will using every day to leave my face feeling and looking loads better.

The Active Dew Face Cream is my favorite Nakin product. Ideal for dry skin, you only need a small amount to spread over your face and the texture feels beautiful and lux! I normally apply this after I shower in the morning so my face is ready for the day.

luxurious products from Nakin luxurious products from Nakin luxurious products from Nakin

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