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Benefit review 2014 BunnipunchBenefit review 2014 BunnipunchChristmas is only around the corner and as it is the time for giving and receiving, I thought I would show you some amazing pieces of kit from Benefit that you may wanna buy for someone this Christmas.

Benefit have sackfuls of cool stuff and as well as attractive packing and nice girls working in their stores, the actual product itself is pretty ace too and they definitely aren’t helping my addiction to the beauty giant.

We all have that Cousin, Sister in Law or friend that is sometimes a little hard to buy for but with this Primping with the Stars case with an array of little cute treats inside, you are bound to be a favourite at Christmas time this year.   As well as coming in this sweet book shape case, Primping with the Stars has the Bene tint, Girl meets Pearl lotion, Pours pro balm, Gorgeous foundation powder, ‘Stay, don’t stray’ eyelid primer and ‘They’re Real’ mini mascara.  With such a wide range of cool products, all ladies are bound to find a couple of real favourites in this case and best of all, it’s only £26.50 so a great gift for a wide range of girlies.

Benefit review 2014 BunnipunchBenefit review 2014 BunnipunchI was pretty intrigued by Benefit’s ‘Stay, don’t stray’ primer so I thought I would give it a go. I have had it before where after a few hours of wear, your eyeshadow can sometimes resemble the creases of a bed sheet but with this primer, your eyeshadow will stay put all day and look fresh and new all night too. I actually like wearing this primer as a concealer also as I sometimes get very tired from general life stuff and from being blogger full time.  So with a miracle product like this, I thought I would share some of the results with you.  I simply followed the guide(on the packing), of where to apply the primer and gently rubbed it in with my finger.  After I finished, I could definitely see a big difference compared to my other eye(on right hand side) and more than anything, it made my eye look fresh and clear even after only having 5 hours sleep.

The primer comes in two shades so it’s very easy to find a matching colour for whoever you are buying this for and best yet, it will make you look wide awake and fresh, even after all that partying you will be doing in December!
Benefit review 2014 BunnipunchBenefit review 2014 BunnipunchBenefit review 2014 BunnipunchThanks to Cara and other Brow endowed celebs, those hairs above your eyes are big news.  To help you with yours, Benefit have done a great Brow Zings pack that has two shades to match your brows and even some tweezers that can keep them nice and shapely.  You can select if you want light, medium or deep shades when you buy this compact and it is great that it arrives with shades that will match your colouring and will give your look a real impact.

Benefit review 2014 BunnipunchBenefit review 2014 BunnipunchThe T zone can sometimes be a major problem for me and this new Watt’s up? highlighter really tackles that head on.  I really love the packing for this product and I was really keen to try it out. With two ends, you use the stick to glide the highlighter along your cheek and and brow bones.  Once you have applied the right amount for you, using the sponge on the other end, you simply blend in the highlighter and you’re done!  It doesn’t feel at all greasy and it really gave my face and complexion a nice lift.

Benefit review 2014 BunnipunchBenefit review 2014 BunnipunchBenefit have some great pieces for all year round but with Christmas coming up, all these products will be great for any lady in your life. With many different shades and styles for all skin types, Benefit will make a perfect Christmas gift and receiving some of these will be pretty awesome too!

Have you tried any of these products? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Images by Lois Spencer-Tracey



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