Make the most of alfresco season with 4 ways to “summerise” your garden

Is the weather beginning to look up where you are? We really can’t be sure with the way it’s been recently, but if you are fantasizing about long luxurious summers in the garden, why not renovate yours? It is the perfect way to relax, enjoy the greenery and is prime for a big barbecue get-to-together! It seems we only have a couple of months a year to enjoy alfresco dining, so let’s make the most of it while we can! Move away from the kitchen and get outside but what are the best ways to create an amazing alfresco dining space? Well here’s how you can make the most of alfresco season with 4 ways to “summerise” your garden.

Create Shade and Shelter

Shade is a must, especially on those terribly hot summer days. You might love that “being abroad” feeling out in your garden but when you’re trying to eat, and are overheating, it’s not always the most comfortable experience. Luckily, with retractable patio awnings, you’ve got the perfect way to choose whether to sit out in the sun or make the most of the shade. Everybody likes alfresco dining, but it’s got to be comfortable! 

Use Practical Outdoor Flooring

You may plan on having loads of barbecues or you just want a relaxed sit-down meal but make sure you choose a practical and durable surface that will provide significant protection against heavy furniture and accidents, especially if children like to run around on them! Your outdoor flooring should look similar to the indoor counterpart, so think about the perfect way to mimic your kitchen in terms of style, finish, and colour. If you have wooden kitchen flooring, you can invest in decking but if you have floor tiles, think about a similar paving option. 

Make it a Comfortable Space

Outdoor dining should be as comfortable as possible. This is where the little details need to come into play. It’s not just enough to have wooden seating but you will have to add padding and take your dining experience to a whole new level by installing an outdoor rug. Make sure that it is waterproof and brings the indoor colours outside. You can also purchase kitchen linen to match the rug, or you can incorporate luxurious fabrics like linen and cotton with natural finishes and colours to create a rustic and modest display. 

A Whole New Kitchen Inventory

It is not just about barbecues! When you are trying to make the most of alfresco dining, you can recreate the entire indoor kitchen experience on your patio. You can purchase portable kitchens that come with hobs, mini ovens and of course grills for the perfect barbecue. 

If you are on the hunt for the most perfect ways to create an alfresco dining space, these are some great ideas. But don’t forget, it’s about creating an atmosphere as well. Think about what you want to achieve; are you hoping for barbeques galore, or a subtle dinner party? Regards let’s make the most of the alfresco season, shall we?

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