#makeadate Westfield London BunnipunchI know we all love a little spree at Westfield but the shopping centre giants are showing us that there is more to do at your nearest Westfield then just buy clean undies.  Me and my hubby are currently saving for a house so we rarely get to have any nights out so it was lovely to be invited to Westfield London and experience a lavish night out.#makeadate Westfield London Bunnipunch#makeadate Westfield London Bunnipunch #makeadate Westfield London Bunnipunch #makeadate Westfield London BunnipunchGary and I love our food so we thought we would go somewhere special and try The Meat Co. The Restaurant originally came from South Africa which was reflective very well in the décor and environment. The menu was very heavily meat based which was great for us but there was some fish options on their too. I opted for a lovely Charchilled chicken with a side of garlic mushrooms and Gary had his favourite, Lamb shanks in a tomato sauce.

As you can imagine, the food was utterly amazing from The Meat Co and the staff were so attentive and made us feel really special! If you are thinking about going to Westfield at shepherds bush you should definitely pop into The Meat Co for dinner. The prices are a little more then what you would expect to pay but the service and food are totally worth it!

#makeadate Westfield London Bunnipunch #makeadate Westfield London BunnipunchAfter our lovely meal, we decided that the cinema was the best dessert after such a big dinner. We were really eager to watch X Men: Days of Future Past so and so we went to the Vue inside Westfield. The layout of the cinema is really effect on the very top floor and the screen room and seats were uber comfortable, clean and really tidy.

#makeadate Westfield London BunnipunchOverall I had a really nice experience at Westfield and it was great to explore some of the other activities that are available at the Mall.

I also loved Westfield’s layout and with the touch screen help points dotted about, it is really easy to get around too.

Check out more here about Westfield and there are more details on #Makeadate and discounts for stores and nights out too.

Images by Lois Spencer-Tracey

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