Man on my Depeapa Bag

Etsy is becoming a firm favourite of mine for unique brands and original designs. Spanish Brand, Depeapa was one of these random bump in’s and I totally fell for their illustrations and quirky products. Among all their pieces, the Beaded man cotton bag was just ideal for scouting around London and for giving my shoulders a rest from the daily heavy bag handling. The bag it’s self is very basic but the printed design really gives this original look some edge and East London feel. These bags are around £19 with delivery from Spain, so not a bad price for something that is very practical and stylish too.

One response to “Man on my Depeapa Bag”

  1. That is such a great design!
    I sell on Etsy, the only problem is I get so distracted by all the other wonderful work on there it’s so hard not to spend the money I don’t have.

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