Me, Paris Fashion Week and ASUS Transformer – Tried and tested

When you are freelancing at Fashion week and are also having to report for your blog, it gets pretty hard to try and keep on top of all the shows and the double amount of write-ups that you have to do.
I have seen various Fashion editors with their touch padsand every time I saw them grab their little friends, out of their bags, I thought that having a little device like that must be the only way they manage to keep up to date without being up until the wee hours.
Mind you, this was a theory and I could of be completely wrong so I asked ASUS if I could try out one of their ‘Transformers and use it to report on shows for Paris Fashion Week.
The computer itself comes in two parts, the screen (which is touch type) and a key board. You don’t have to have these attached and this is particularly handy when you are walking around Paris and have enough to lug around like tickets, cameras and other pieces.
While queuing for shows or waiting for one to start, I would simply write up my notes and thoughts with the ASUS of whatever I had seen previously. My reviews were refresherand more alive, due to the fact that with the ASUS Transformer I could record any ideas or words on the show, when I have only just finished watching it!
Uploading documents from the ASUS Transformerto my laptop was very easy and by simply plugging in a USB cable which is provided, you can edit your piece in a word document and then that was it! It was so helpful having this tool with me and it is definitely something I would consider using for London Fashion Week (as on advantage, I have 9 shows a day and any extra help would be appreciated).
The Transformeris light, easy to use and if you are someone like me who is always on the go, this great piece of equipment will save you so much time and energy when really you should be resting from your busy day.
As well as a work thing, you can have fun with the Transformer and use it to play games, take pictures and pretty much download any app you want. Ideally whether you are more work then play or the other way around, the Transformer is a very useful item to have and I am so please ASUS have created it!
All images by Lois Spencer-Tracey

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