Mifo O5 PLUS Wireless Earbuds are music to my ears

Training for a marathon can be tough. As music is like oxygen to me, the new Mifo O5 PLUS Wireless Earbuds are music to my ears on those early morning runs.

Available with a slick little chargeable dock, these earbuds are easy, light and very convenient. I wasn’t sure how the earbuds would even stay in my ears when I was running but surprising they did keep still and the sound quality is great.

Mifo O5 Wireless Earbuds
I love their futuristic look and they are so easy to clean after a run.

To charge, you simply place them back in their little dock and charge it with a USB cable. I have used them several times without recharging the dock so lifespan wise, these Mifo O5 PLUS earbuds are great.

I think if you plan to hit the gym or run while you are away, these are also useful as they beat carrying big headphones around with you in your suitcase. They are really discreet which I like and they come in a metallic, black or rose gold design.

Mifo O5 Wireless Earbuds
Have a look at Mifo’s website here for more info and they even provide extra rubber earbuds just in case you lose one when you are sprinting to the finish line.

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