Monte Carlo – Movie review

If you want a little light hearted fun and are in need if a lift, Monte Carlohas the right pills and sugar. From the director of ‘The Family Stone’, Thomas Bezucha has translated a story of misidentify and mischief into a fun and interesting movie. The story begins with three girls from Texas that are lost, young and dream of another life and its possibilities. With families divided and new connections bridged, step sisters are forced together on a trip to Paris to find themselves and help each other out along the way.
The story is easily relatable in today’s standards and with a cast of well know girl candy, somehow you can easily see yourself in their shoes at some point in your life.
Selena Gomezplays Grace, the lead and lost soul who is searching for her path but can’t seem to find it, Leighton Meesterof the Gossip girl fame, plays Grace’s negative step sister Meg, who is dealing with the loss of her mum, and that just leaves Kate Cassidy. Kate’s character Emma really added a little spice to the cast and we all love someone who can laugh at themselves and ‘Emma’ does this perfectly. As well as being Grace’s best friend, Emma is also on the search for something more adventurous than her home town and she really helped the story along with her live for moment attitude.
There were a few moments in the movie that felt off the cuff and a little unrehearsed but it actually made the characters feel more 3D rather than just script relaying robots. I liked the fact that the movie had a strong message then many others that maybe placed in the same genre. There were understated thoughts and aims underneath the script and characters but this carried the film and made it more meaningful. As well as great cast, the film was set in some of the world’s most beautiful cities and having the film set against them, gave the whole experience one of endless possibilities.

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