Movie Review: Blue Jasmine

Blue Jasmine BunnipunchI wasn’t fully sure what to expect from Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine but knowing Cate Blanchett was on board, I knew that I would at least be in for a acting treat.

Blue Jasmine tells the story rather intensely about Jasmine and her fall from Grace. With a nervous breakdown on the surface at every turn, Jasmine moves in with her adopted Sister Ginger and tries to rebuild her life from nothing.

Cate Blanchett is excellent as an alcoholic Jasmine who’s Husband’s bad dealing and affairs have pushed her over the edge. Sally Hawkins as Ginger the sister, does a wonderful supporting role and as the film progresses, I was more intrigued with her life and my sympathy for her situation.

The film does finish in a random place which is very Woody Allen but again he wants the audience to finish off the story in their own way and see where their thoughts take them.

Overall the film is very entertaining and with a great cast, this film falls together perfectly and seemed effortless from scene to scene.  Most adults will easily enjoy this film and I think it is well worth the investment, if not the rental price.

Jasmine Blue is out on Bluray and DVD now.


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