THE GREAT GATSBY Movie review THE GREAT GATSBY Movie review THE GREAT GATSBY Movie review THE GREAT GATSBY Movie review THE GREAT GATSBY Movie reviewBaz Luhrmann has always been a director who wants to visually impress his audience. With a strong team including his Wife Catherine Martin(production designer), Craig Armstrong(musical god) and this writing buddy Graig Pearce, Baz always has this family around for his latest Movie outings. With the success of Romeo and Juliet and Moulin Rouge, I think many fans had high hopes for The Great Gatsby and I don’t know about them but I loved every minute of it. With a bright and exciting opening, Tobey Maguire who plays would-be writer Nick Carraway, tells us the story of how he met Gatsby(Leonardo Dicaprio) and watched this story and new tragedy unfold.

I won’t spoil the plot as it is a film that you really should rent or buy. Both guys and girls will enjoy its plot, luxurious colour and of course, strong acting skills from a cast that are well versed in transforming us into another world. Leonard Dicaprio is as passionate as always and it was great to see Carey Mulligan play such a strong contrasting role from her character in Drive.

As well as visually stunning, the soundtrack and costume just heighten the richness of the Baz Luhrmann’s world and it shows that many have faith in the Australian director and his talent to take us to new depths.

The Great Gatsby is out to rent and buy now.


  • 16 November 2013

    I CANNOT wait to see this.. it’s on my Christmas list, so you know what I will doing on Boxing Day!

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