My aims and aspirations for 2018

I can’t believe it is 2018 already.

Whenever a new year starts, we also seem to reaccess and look at what we can do better, or what dreams we can make become true. For me, 2017 was all about the house and setting up my own business.

I’m so pleased I started working for myself again as it has given me more freedom, less stress, plus I am earning a decent salary now which has meant I can put more into the house and hopefully Gary and I can actually have some holidays this year too.

Now January is nearly over, there are only a few things I want and have been accomplishing to make life a little easier/better but I also want a more balanced life where I get to work, rest and play equally.

My blog has taken a major backseat in 2017 due to starting my own business and resting my beaten work spirit and mind. The house has taken its fair share of my time too but my blog will be back with a bang in 2018. This year I am going to be doing a lot more interesting projects and also writing more for me as that is why I started blogging in the first place.

I also want to build on my Instagram following in 2018 and I can’t wait to start showing off my house when it’s finally done on my blog and social channels!


So home… it’s been an emotional 2 years since we first bought our 1901 terrace house in late 2015. When we moved in we knew it needed work doing but really we never knew just how much until we were halfway through. To be frank the only thing we haven’t replaced is the bricks in the walls (well some of them we have had to put back in). We have had the upstairs replastered, the boiler replaced, we built our bed and had the place rewired, we levelled and redone the garden and built storage, Gary built his shed, our friend created a wetroom for us, we had a new front door put in and we fitted our windows but we are only about halfway done.

It’s been a constant, time-consuming project but I know once it is done, the house will be worth more, we will have a real project to be proud of and we will also be able to design our place exactly how we want it which is just fantastic.

Plus, it’s a brilliant test for any relationship and Gary and I have so far survived with hardly any arguments and I’m so proud of how we work together when the going gets tough.


When I was slightly less happy in myself(I suffered from depression back in 2012), I was regularly running and would do around 14 miles every week. After taking medication and sorting out why I was so depressed, Gary and I moved to Brentwood and life started to get better. I put weight on from there and after the death of my Nan, I sort of lost touch with what I looked like and I crept up from a size 10 to a 14.

I was aiming to get back on the fitness trail last year but I pull one of my Gluteal muscles(its in the lower bum area) in April and wasn’t semi-normal until August. It’s been a really slow process to get to where I am now but with me working for myself, I am able to go to the gym and stretch out the muscle and slowly get back on my mend. This year I am continuing on this trail as I am running the London Marathon in April. It’s always been a dream of mine to run the marathon and I really wanted to give myself the target of running that far and finish after being injured. Now training has been a little slow as I need to do it in baby steps but with regular gym sessions and little runs, I have started to build up my body to prepare for the race and it is making me feel loads better in myself (inside and out).

I really don’t mind how quick I finish the marathon but I’m more concerned with finishing and after pulling a muscle that affects my walking, standing and general leg movement, I will be more than happy to cross that line no matter what time it takes. I just hope I don’t do any further damage but with the plan I have, I should be ok.

If you would like to support me in the London Marathon, please give a small donation to WellChild, a fantastic charity that supports sick children who can be at home with their families rather then in hospital all the time. They are a great cause and a small charity so every penny makes a massive difference.

What dreams do you have for 2018?

I hope the year is turning out to be ok for you!


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