My Foundation, Gary Spencer Tracey

 As all fashion lovers, followers, eaters and plain nut jobs know, Fashion is everything. Whether it is our main career, a second job or far away dream, we live and breathe our passion 24/7.

That’s why I think it is important that we don’t forget our other halves that put up with it. As a lucky girl who gets to live with her ‘Knight in Shining Armour’ I have increasingly become aware of how anti-social, laptop hugging and just plain self-involved my drive for excellence and achievement in the fashion world has made me.  Whether I am more concerned with saving money for a Chanel bag rather than a Mortgage, as let’s be honest the latter is impossible in London, My partner has firmly struck by me and my decisions through thick and thin.

He has never complained about my ‘Puppy dog eyes’ when I see something I would rather go hungry so I can own and never given me the look of ‘Another pair of shoes?’

After all, my boyfriend know’s it is my life passion and trying to get me out of my bubble would involve a nice gift-wrapped Louis Vuitton Brown bag which would only spur me even more.

So if you have a partner who considers Karl Lagerfeld and Carlsberg to be the same thing, let them know it doesn’t matter as long as they are patient with you, you can be the same with them.


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