My LFW Snacking Diary with Popchips AW15

LFW Snacking Diary with Popchips 2015Eating has always been a problem at London Fashion Week.  It’s not on purpose but with all the running around doing streetstyle, having meetings and doing shows, you lose track of time and sadly your tummy comes last.

It was a nice relief then to team up with Popchips and do a snacking diary on what I was eating at this season’s Fashion Week. Lucky for me the brand also provided some Popchips for me to snack on and these were a totally god-send!LFW Snacking Diary with Popchips 2015 LFW Snacking Diary with Popchips 2015Friday’s and Saturday’s are the busiest days for bloggers so sadly I didn’t eat much at all! I was lucky enough to pop into Tom’s Cafe in Somerset House and grab a Victoria sponge cake and hot chocolate with Jaime on Friday but apart from that any Popchips in my bag(Sea Salt and Vinegar and the Original flavour) were all that kept me going!

LFW Snacking Diary with Popchips 2015 LFW Snacking Diary with Popchips 2015 LFW Snacking Diary with Popchips 2015Sunday through to Tuesday were luckily quieter days show wise and with me balancing work at home and at Somerset house, I was able to have breakfast some days(shock, horror) and even managed a quick dash to Pret for a cheese, ham and Tomato bake thingy. Can’t remember their name but they are awesome!

I think more than anything, this recording my snacking has really highlighted to me how rubbish I eat over Fashion Week.  Thankfully Popchips are really low in fat and only have 95 calories to a bag so they are definitely better for you to then eating chocolate bars and or Cake when you’re rushing around.

What I love about Popchips is their flavours! Even though they are reduced in fat, the Barbeque and Salt and Pepper options have a real punch of taste and best yet all their ingredients are totally natural and there’s no greasy texture or fake anything in their product!

Popchips definitely kept me going at LFW and for next season I will team them up with an apple or some grapes instead of opting for cake or general crap that is easier to grab but badder for you long term.

LFW Snacking Diary with Popchips 2015Images by Lois and Clare


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  1. BBQ pop chips are my crack! I bloody love them. How come one pack is never enough?

  2. Emmajane says:

    Gorgeous pictures! I love using my notebook over my phone sometimes too! X

    Silk & Sparkles outfit post is up on my blog-

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