My New Moschino Haul

Moschino Haul BunnipunchI didn’t mean for this to happen but recently I have gone on a little Moschino splash.  With my birthday and Christmas next to each other and a massive sale fest on ebay, I made some money so I could go a little crazy.

I have always wanted the Mcdonalds x Moschino red quilted bag since I first saw it on the catwalk. I instantly loved it’s brashy style and bright colours and even as time went by, I knew I still wanted it just as much as when I first saw it.  As a lot of the collection recently went into sale, I was lucky enough to grab this bag in the Moschino store in Conduit street. It was the last one they had too so it was definitely meant to be and I was so happy and relieved to of finally bought my own bag.  I have had the fries phone case since the collection first launched so it’s nice to have the bag to match so I could wear both of them together!Moschino Haul BunnipunchMoschino Haul BunnipunchMoschino Haul BunnipunchAs well as the Mcdonalds collection, I am also a huge fan of the Barbie pieces that launched 6 months ago.  With strong pink or black injections, this collection has been really popular for Moschino and I really fell for the Pink backpack. As I didn’t want to spend £422 on a PU bag, I started scouting different boutique’s websites to see if any of them were in the sale! Lucky enough for me, I found someone on ebay that was selling their rucksack and I placed a bid.  You do have to be very careful about buying designer products on ebay as there is so much fake stuff floating around. After questioning the seller about the bag, where it was purchased and condition, I was pretty convinced it was real before I paid for it.

You can imagine I was pretty excited when my backpack finally arrived and with a card from Moschino inside and the original labels, I knew I had got myself a good designer bargain for only £120.Moschino Haul BunnipunchIf you love Moschino as much as me but can’t afford to buy one of their bags, you could always invest in one of their phone cases instead! My husband actually bought me these two cases (above) and for around £4o, you can have your own piece of Moschino. There are tons of fakes of these cases on ebay and other sites but as you can tell the difference between the real and cheaper options, paying that extra bit of money makes the case feel more special and don’t forget, you can always sell it on later when you want to invest in a newer one.


2 responses to “My New Moschino Haul”

  1. Candice says:

    OMG these MAcdonalds goodies are so cute!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Kirsty says:

    I love the quirky style of Moschino products, especially the McDonalds inspired range. xx

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