My selfie challenge


It’s one of the worst words that has been created but people love and use this term everyday and bloggers seem to like it too. Social media channels also thrive from it so I thought I would do a little social media experiment. As I don’t have as many followers on my Instagram account as I do Twitter, I thought I would try taking a picture or ‘selfie’ everyday for the next 30 days and see if it has any positive effect on my account. Bloggers who have a good following pretty much feature themselves in pictures like this so I thought I would try the same.

The problem that I have is I think it’s a bit draft. I’m someone who doesn’t take life too seriously so taking a picture of myself everyday just feels a bit silly but to do this challenge, I need to get over these feeling and have a go.

As I am a working girl(office, not street), I find having the time to do this will be a bit of a challenge. When I was a full time blogger and PR girl it would have been a lot easier but for now I’m doing creative/awkward selfies when I’m not working, blogging or gyming(sleep is somewhere in there too).

It’s a little hard to judge how it’s going so far but I have noticed more people have following me. By using the relevant and popular hashtags, I think my posts are start to reach a new audience and hopefully my images will attract some cool fellow bloggers too.


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