Nature walks and jewels

Having a dog really has it’s perks.

As well as being a great source of de-stressing and a big help in my heath-mending journey from Long Covid, walks, especially in the woods where it is peaceful, can be a very creative time. Before my operation takes place in December, Gary and I are using this opportunity to get some walks in with Coco before I can’t go anyway. We also took the opportunity to capture some great content while we were out and show off these amazing piece from Ottoman hands.

I have previously collaborated with Ottoman Hands and I’m so pleased I get to work with a brand again as I really love their designs. They are totally affordable for everyone, they have great quality pieces which make them very sustainable and I just love how unique and edgy they are. The pieces definitely feel like that have come from a small market in London and I love that the brand has maintained this one-off style and story throughout their products.

I’m not really a cuff person but it was great to change my mind and wear this beautiful gold, coral and pearl bracelet here. It’s orange hit of colour really gives me beach/pool vibes and I can’t wait to wear this loads next summer.

I love laying necklaces and once my boobs are done, I plan wear necklaces more in this way. This blue beaded necklace with an evil eye and Artemis Ruby Pendant Necklace are a great combo together and the pink and blue tones look lush and really stand out together.

I have a massive soft spot for rings and the bigger they are, the better. This She Flies Ring is so beautiful. I love it’s other Wordly engraved look and it’s perfect to wear with anything. I thought I would team it up with the Lucia Ruby Cocktail ring on the same hand as they are a great contrast. I always use to prefer wearing silver rings but now I get so much more fun from wearing gold rings that really pop against my outfit.

If you are a bit of a sustainable geek and love to buy something and wear it FOREVER, then Ottoman hands are the perfect brand for you. Their rings for example are priced from around £29 uploads and I wear mine loads so their products are well worth the money.

It was fun doing this little shoot with Gary. Coco wants to go for a woodland walk all the time and even though the weather was a bit damp, we still had a really nice, relaxing time together.

Coral and Pearl statement bracelet / Evil Eye Layla Beaded Necklace / Artemis Ruby Pendant Necklace / She Flies Ring / Lucia Ruby Cocktail Ring


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