I have noticed that the Canadian Fashion Designer market, have some amazing talent but it never reaches us Europeans until they have hit the big time and have been written about countless times.
My Twitter buddy Marcus from A la Mode and I had previously discussed great designers that are not ever mention over here and how frustrating it must be for this great talent.
And so it begins……
Breeyn McCarney has a lovely and unique knack for creating beautiful pieces that are modern story tellers and totally wearable. On first seeing this collection, my first thoughts were, I need this designer to wear for London Fashion Week purely as it is so different and completely eye-catching and will give a new thirst for Fashion followers.
The current collection is Hard Boiled Wonderland which again gives you the impression that there is more to this designer then meets the eye.
With a slight gothic girl experiementing with whites and creams, it screams Bambi that is not as innocent as once thought.

These great items can be purchased from Ukamaku which I would advise is a very good idea as the Candian Fashion scene is ready for the taking.

Video Shot by Jennifer Wigg

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