Jewellery and me are beginning to have a fairly long relationship and I must admit, with Brands like Kuka-me, it’s no wonder I favour Jewellery as a form of expression so much.
Jewellery brands tend to stick with to one or two trends per season but with Kuka – me,  the customer has four Jewellery styles and trends to select from.
The Curve Collection is the more classic and timeless style of Jewellery. As these items are elegant and easy on the eye, they are great for gifts and will complement all outfits.

The Tweed Collection has a textured effect with a gorgeous herringbone pattern. For those of you that prefer a Matt style finish, the Tweed style is definitely for you.
For a more adventurous style, the Bedrock collection is full of signature pieces that are there to stand out. From the flower ring(a favourite of mine) to the chain mail necklaces, there is something that every Wilma and Betty would love.
The Ring and Bow pieces, so Beautiful!

Lastly the Edges Collection is exactly what it says, edgy. With the rough sides and seductive curves, this collection is another statement trend that will give any traditional outfit that extra Pow factor and is perfect for day and night.


  • 5 April 2011

    These are so, so cute! Just discovered your page through good old Twitter. Am now following. Have a peek at mine too if you like 🙂

    Anna xxx

  • 8 April 2011

    Kuka-me jewellery is lovely and elegant. I have a number of pieces from them. I do in fact have the same pair of earings that the last model is wearing. If you are like me and prefer wearing silver then Kuka-me is certainly on the top of the list as to where to go to get some really gorgeous pieces. They stand the test of time and any one who wears silver jewellrey should have at least one piece (preferably more) from Kuka-me. Kuka-me is for me the best and the make excellent presents as well.

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