QVCQVC is a great place to shop for everyone you know. With a wide range of fashion, beauty products, home accessories and more, QVC has also helped me discover new designers and new products on the market.

Statement jewellery is definitely something that I am majorly attracted too and there are many designers that do big and bright pieces on QVC. Butler and Wilson love using skulls as a feature on their items and I love this three skull bracelet in black and this peacock feather bangle in the same style too.

Links of London are normally seen as a very classic style brand but they have some amazing new pieces this season. The brand have done like a bubble style effect in these earrings and bracelet, and Links of London have even teamed up with the Mr Men gang and created this totally cute Little Miss Sunshine necklace.

QVC is also stocking Libertine by Giles Deacon which is pretty exciting as they have some really unusual and fashion forward pieces. I love the different trends that they have worked on from this thorn ring which has a medieval style to it, a cute cartoon series with Pop girl including bracelets and necklaces and a Egyptian inspired theme with scorpion earrings and a beetle bracelet. I think all these pieces are completely wearable and best yet, they may not fit into any obvious trends but jewellery should be there to dress up a look and have fun with.

When I shop for jewellery, I tend to look at something that is different and really catches my eye. I prefer to wear sterling silver rings as they last a long time and sadly some costume jewellery rings just can’t be worn every day.

If you are looking for something a little different, maybe seek out new designers that you have never heard of before and try a style that is different from your own. If you dress fairly classic and muted then use jewellery as a toy and something dramatic you can play up to.

The most important essential for any jewellery nut is an understanding of how to look after your jewellery. If it is purely costume jewellery that you wear then it shouldn’t be worn everyday as it sadly won’t last very long and if it is real gold, silver or platinum then a good cleaning cloth is needed to keep it nice and fresh looking.

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