New Trailer: NON-STOP

[youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”XSF6GPNXr9Y”]

Non-StopLiam Neeson seems to have the taste for pure Thriller and action movies recently and I must confess I don’t blame him. After his rather remarkable appearance in Taken, I think we are all appreciating Liam and the more mature action hero role that he is playing to packed cinema go-ers worldwide.

Non-Stop promises to be a thrill of a ride movie that involves random murders, great actors and enough CGI to keep you amused and on the edge of your seats.  The ‘falling and catching Gun’ moment is something of an annoyance but the story alone helps me see past that and Julianne Moore has always been interesting to watch too.

Non-Stop hits Cinemas on February 28th 2014.


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