Nikita Karizma with a message in Fashion

Nikita Karizma recently emailed me about her London College of Fashion graduate range, ‘Fashion Vs Abuse’.  As I find fashion can be self-expressive, it seems that Nikita is taking it to the next level and making Fashion mean more about life and the trials in them. By creating a protective statement, Nikita has designed some pieces that include buckles, spikes and even headgear giving the wearer a more protection sense by wearing it.
The designer has even created a bracelet that doubles as a rape alarm, discreetly hidden so any ‘Attacker’ would never see it. The device also sends out a bluetooth signal to your smartphone that then sends out a danger alert message to any of your family giving them your GPS location – Something that is actually very useful to any women who has to travel alone.
Along with film maker Marta Tucci, Nikita Karizma has created a video to enhance on the whole effect of the collection and her vision. Watch the video and let me know your thoughts but it sure looks like young students are trying to show us that there is more the fashion then meets the eye.  



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