Our day at Brighton

Brighton 2014

Surprisingly enough, I have only been to Brighton a couple of times. As a born Essex girl who loves London, I grew up with Southend seafront fairly close to me so never really had the thought to go to a much nicer Brighton.  My husband has taken me once before in the winter but by the time we got there, it was dark, cold and a bit dead so I couldn’t enjoy all that Brighton holds and the life in attracts on a busy, summer day.

As well as the usual attractions on the seafront, I actually enjoyed walking around the Lanes and the streets just off it.  The city itself is very artistic and has a real bohemian heart to it.  I must confess I wasn’t the most patient of people when being stuck behind slow walkers in the tight paths of the Lanes but that is what London does to you sadly and Brighton is the perfect place for slow strollers and has a lovely relaxed attitude.

Brighton 2014 Brighton 2014 Brighton 2014

After we had a little walk about, we stumbled across Bohemia, a vintage, retro style Restaurant that actually doubles up as a bar and club. Inside this multi-tasking venue was exposed brick walls, chairs with the Beatles faces on them and very friendly and helpful staff that were welcoming and chatty.

After devouring two Roast Beef dinners(well it was a Sunday after all), we both opted for the Tiramisu Surprise as a desert and that was a treat in itself!

Check out the Video below for the ‘Surprise’!


Brighton 2014 Brighton 2014 Brighton 2014 Brighton 2014Brighton 2014Brighton 2014

After filling our bellies, we went for a little wander down to the pier and it was a little windy…(ok A LOT Windy) but I still just about managed to get some outfit pictures done as well as capturing some low flying Seagulls.

If you haven’t been to Brighton, I would definitely say it is well worth a visit! With it’s old, listed buildings and it’s arty scene, it’s a great boho type town to go and see.

Maybe try and go during the week in the summer though as will probably be less busy and you can enjoy the nice weather too!

Brighton 2014 Brighton 2014 Brighton 2014 Brighton 2014 IMG_5641 Brighton 2014 Brighton 2014 Brighton 2014Brighton 2014 IMG_5589 Brighton 2014 Brighton 2014 Brighton 2014 Brighton 2014 Brighton 2014

Top – Iron Fist

Jacket – Forever 21 x Disney

Trousers – Protest

Trainers – Ash

Bag – It’s not me it’s you

Sunglasses – Sunglass Junkie

Necklace – Flor Amazona (Necklace is normally shorter than this)

Images by Lois and Gary Spencer-Tracey


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