Packing for Paris with ASOS

ASOS Packing HaulASOS Packing Haul ASOS Packing Haul ASOS Packing Haul

Normally when it comes to traveling, I am pretty relaxed at what I take with me in my suitcase. Normally I plan outfits and think about temperature and situations etc but as this trip to Paris is mine and Amy’s first one for our Mimi and Lolo collaboration, I really was a little at a loss of what to wear.

As Paris is such a beautiful city, I really want to look my best, wear something chic and try something new and adventurous…

Well thankfully ASOS have come to the rescue!

As I have worn the brand for nearly 10 years now, ASOS have truly got me out of some scrapes. They have saved the day when I was once a bridesmaid, they helped when I have needed clothing for a last minute trip and they have had some amazing things for me to purchase when I’ve needed a dress for a big event. With their next day delivery and great service, they have probably helped many girls and now they are saving me and Amy by assisting us with chic, cute and bang-on-trend items for our blogger project.

ASOS Packing Haul ASOS Packing Haul ASOS Packing Haul ASOS Packing Haul ASOS Packing Haul ASOS Packing Haul

With A/W stock slowly making it’s way onto their site, us girls both scouted ASOS’s website and have found some great transition pieces and here is a sneak peak of what you can expect to see us wearing in Paris very soon…


Shop our packing pieces here:

Lois: Fabric heels, denim patch jacket, black boho dress and brown suede jacket – All ASOS

Amy: Patch suede bag, bomber jacket, snake print boots, cream embroidered dress and black leather jacket – All ASOS

Lolo's items


Aren’t these drawings cute?!

They were created by Amy and they look so Fantastic!

I’m so in love with all the details she has added!

ASOS Packing Haul ASOS Packing Haul


4 responses to “Packing for Paris with ASOS”

  1. lexie says:

    I’m so awful at packing- I always end up taking hours ahah.. Those heels are soo gorgeous, I neeed them!!!

  2. Alanna says:

    The “Love me tender” and McDonald’s style bag?! I NEED DIS! So cool! Where are they from?

    Just found your blog via Twitter 🙂 Awesome work! x

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