Pastel Pink and Hearts for Valentine’s day

valentines day SS14 bunnipunchvalentines day SS14 bunnipunchvalentines day SS14 bunnipunchValentine’s day is the next big date on the calendar and lucky enough for St. Valentine, pastels are hugely on trend at the moment so buying a gift for a wife, girlfriend or yourselves Ladies, is going to mega easy as there is so much to choose from!

Here are some of my key favourites that are cute, stylish and above all, affordable!!

1) Trainers – Puma (also featured in Discloser’s new music video, ‘Voices’)

2) Scarf – Cleo Ferin Mercury

3) Bracelet – Punky Pins

4) Cushion – Tesco

5) Cuff – River Island

6) Floral Headband – New Look

7) Bra – New Look

8) Sunglasses – River Island

9) Hat – River Island

10) Trainers – Nike (Air Max Lunar90)

11) Clutch – Textile Federation

12) Briefs – New Look

13) Cardigan – Agnes B

14) Purse – It’s not me it’s you

15) Earrings – Punky Pins

16) Scarf – New Look

17) Trainers – BucketFeet

18) Necklace – Punky Pins

19) Satchel – Canterbury Satchels

20) Skirt – ASOS


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