Personalise your bag with Anya Hindmarch

Believe it or not but Anya Hindmarch’s cute sticker collection has been out for a few years now(time has flown by) and as I love customising items, I thought I would share the sticker love and add some flare to my AH bag.

Before any customising happens, I made sure that I was happy with the stickers that I was going to use and the position of them on my bag. These stickers are pretty adhesive so once they are stuck on, you won’t be able to peel them off and they stick properly again.

As I wanted to use the big ‘I 💗 U’ in the centre of my bag, I made sure it was central(using a measuring tape) and that my bag was clean of any dust or dirt. Once I had decided on its exact place, I then laid out all the other stickers I wanted to use and again measured them.

When I was satisfied with all the sticker positions, I gentle peeled back the cover(while keeping the sticker where I wanted it on the bag) and pressed down firmly.

And it’s done! I love the look of my new customised bag and it was so fun decided where I wanted the stickers and putting them on there myself!

If you fancy having some sticker fun, why not buy some for yourself! There are some new options below or sometimes you can get some great ones from Farfetch in the sale.

And don’t forget, have fun!


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