Now some girls love shoes, some love bags but for me, I love phone cases. Moschino are to blame for this latest fetish and as there are shitloads of options to choose from, I thought I would give you a rundown of the best ones I have seen recently so you can feed your habit too.

I’m a massive fan of Silicone cases at present and I love my Chanel one I got from Gumtree. It’s a complete fake but it’s so cute and as you can imagine, it gets a lot of attention whenever it’s in use.  It’s a really well made case too and it’s sense of humour really matches my style perfectly.

Phone casesAs well as the rubber kind, hardcases are also good for protecting your phone and for rocking some cool, creative prints.  As Bunny’s are my thing, this case from Rabbit Mint is ultra cute for any girls and I adore its baby pink colour and sweet bunny cartoon. It’s great for a gift and will be loved by anyone who loves something a little different.

Wildlife prints make a great phone cover and so does this feather one from Venom. I love anything tropical so this case is ideal for me and it has a great clash of colours which would look really striking against a black or white rose-gold iphone.

I’m a sucker for anything arty and Uprosa have some amazing phone cases available on their site. This purple bubble case looks almost hand painted and the mesmerizing print looks really creative and unique. Its a really good quality cover too and it will definitely add a little colour to your mobile phone.

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