Prophetik – LFW A/W 2011

Jeff Garner has always been known for creating something a little different and his new collection for Prophetic has proved to be as unusual and unique as previously seen.
Taking inspiration for the era of Louis XV, Costume like clothing inspired from the rich and poor people of the past have been infused and clashed to create a historic collection of pieces for the modern day. With Men’s and women’s fashion, an era that has long since past has been brought to life, in the form of velvet tail coats, Peasant dresses, patchwork jackets and bodices and all these styles created a fantastic look and feel to the whole show. The Jackets and tailoring would easily be paired with skinny jeans and converses while the dresses and lose womenswear could suit any style.

Such a specific look but dynamic at the same time. Prophetik is well worth watching…..


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  1. wow, very bohemian, with a touch of russian aristocracy! dreamy! 😉 xoxo

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