Puma, Only Worn my Way at #PFW

PFW Street style 2013 The shows PFW 2013

I have done Paris Fashion week now for nearly 4 seasons so it’s nice to be in that routine of showrooms, shows and backstage going-ons.  With all the street style snappers, models, famous Editors and photographers, it is like being at the circus with an invisible ring leader, pointing us to our next performance slot. Last season, I ventured to Paris, just for the day and it’s a rather different experience when you don’t have a hotel to leave your stuff at or a base to rest your camera.

So for a full day in Paris, you can imagine that a good outfit is key to looking effortless and chic and of course, ready if the street styles want to snap you. I wanted something that was going to be totally striking, effortless cool and but above all, comfortable and the only thing that was going to get me through the day were my Puma Mihara Wedges.

With a built-in heel, these babies are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I have ever owned. with lace and velcro fastening, these are ideal for summer and winter and keep your feet dry and warm. Luckily, Paris was very warm in March so I was able to go bare-legged and really show off these Puma’s. I was street style snapped a fair few times too which shows that you don’t have to wear designer labels to get noticed.

Ever since I have first worn these Mihara wedges trainers, I have received various admiring looks from both Men and women and have worn them with a massive range of styles. With the Puma local clear on the sides, I think the bright orange, really attracts trainer lovers and fashion lovers.

Puma is such an old-school brand and I love anything that is a little heritage yet still modern. More than anything, I love how easy these trainers are and it’s been a breeze to wear them my way.PFW outfit 2013 Puma Worn my way PFW 2013


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