Red & Black: Interior that sends you back to the 80’s

Art-Deco was perhaps the first truly modern-day approach to what interior design can accomplish. It was the 1950s, many cultures and civilizations were crawling out from the rubble of World War Two. A wave of ideas, art, themes, genres and designs were being explored. However it was also taking into account the fact the modern manufacturing, intellectual understanding and new concepts should be implemented into our daily lives. Architecture and interior design were the two spears that this new movement called Art-Deco ran forward with. This movement may have had it’s run of glory from the early 50s to the mid-60s, but it left a massive impression. In the 80s, when luxury was so common in many homes this interior style came back to life. This time, it came with a more romanced approach that also had a mysterious wild side. The red and black art-deco style was born.

Red & Black: Interior that sends you back to the 80's

Piercing, hypnotising beauty

The 80’s had pop style art that became incredibly fashionable. Portraits of in-your-face music stars and celebrities were the mainstay of every canvas across the home. The pop style paintings you see from the 80’s were very much an expression of sexuality. The figures in the paintings has perfect lines, amazing hair, mysterious gazes and plenty of attitude. They looked like porcelain dolls that had come to life and were actively setting whatever trend they wanted to. Hanging one of these paintings in your living room would make your home travel back in time to the 80’s. Many of these paintings used porcelain in white and jet black, but the more romantic and ‘roses with thorns’ style of paintings were always in red and black. Piercing eyes, clear cut lines and red lips made for some truly hypnotic beauty.

A geometric comeback

As mentioned, art-deco was all about challenging our then modern tastes. It was mainly a geometric adventure, challenging what our perception of size and shape was. In the 80’s, it was brought back but it came with a modern twist. The 80’s was all about accepting the art-deco movement but taking it into a more lose and off-the-chain direction. That’s why an extra large area rug such as this Lexus Red Wool in a modern-geometric style would be great for your home. Coupled with a mild cream and splashes of earth tone mud, this red rug is more powerful than most statement rugs of its era. They’re also 100% wool, so they’re made to be durable and hard wearing especially if you have some classic 80’s inspired heels on.

Simple yet bold

Lighting was so important in the 80’s home, it was tactically used to bring any art to life that hung on the walls as well as playing with spatial awareness too. A red and black lamp in pure bold tones is just what your lounge area needs to complete this style. Try a red lamp shade and a black body to elevate the light upwards and create a deep rose shade around the room.

Art-deco is still loved to this day but it was perhaps taken to its height in the 80’s. Instead of strong shapes, it was romanticised and was brought into artwork as well as rugs and other furniture pieces for open plan living. 

Do you love some of these 80’s styles for your home? It totally takes me back to my childhood.


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