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I’m so excited to show you this new post!

After 10 months of taking off plaster, replacing the ceiling, laying new floorboards, building new furniture and painting, Gary and I have finally moved ourselves and our belongings back upstairs into our room and spare room. It was super hard living/sleeping in one room but it was well worth the effort and time it took.

 Halfway through the 10-month renovation, I knew I really wanted to have some new wallpaper in our bedroom to create a feature wall. I had seen some palm print ones on Pinterest and after finding this amazing Rio Pink one from Mural Wallpaper, I knew my feature wall could become a reality.

Murals Wallpaper are a fantastic online store that have so many different prints/styles of wallpaper. You can get a quote on whatever wallpaper you want and they even give you a guide on how it works (ordering to fitting etc).

After changing our minds twice about what wall we wanted the Rio Pink on, we finally decided on the wall and alcove area which is by my side of the bed and where my dressing table would be.

Murals Wallpaper gives prices by square metre so after we had a measure up and converted it (this search may help), we sent them off to Murals and waited for our gorgeous wallpaper to be delivered.

Each roll of wallpaper is actually printed and made to measure per customer so you have to make sure your measures are correct as there won’t be much room for error once you receive them.

We received our wallpaper after about 3 weeks and it looked even more stunning then it did online! It has a gorgeous raised texture too and I couldn’t wait to see it on our walls!

The rolls came in 3 drops for us and it was pretty easy to work out which drop was for which wall and where – it helps to measure them and then the wall(s) to see where they will line up/overlap. To help you, lay them out on the floor and make sure the pattern you have meets between each drop.  Once you have decided what drop goes where you simply follow the instructions to get the wallpaper fitted perfectly.

TIP: Bubbles were the biggest problem we had so I actually used a new/clean paint roller to roll over the wallpaper once it was fitted and then flatten any lumps out. The wallpaper did settle by the next day also which did help.

The only major advice I would give is to make sure the drops line up properly – You don’t want to see the joins and also if you haven’t done much wallpapering before, it will take 2 of you to do this properly. Laying cardboard down on the floor also helps keep your wallpaper clean too.

Don’t rush it either because if you do make a mistake, you may not have enough wallpaper to correct it and you may need to do a new order which will take time.

Prep is key and Gary and I just took our time fitting the wallpaper as we wanted it to look its best.

What do you think? Do you like it?

If you fancy doing some wallpapering yourself, check out what styles Murals Wallpaper have and think about what room you could bring to life.

There are tons of designs but I love the tropical options they have here.

DISCLAIMER: We were gifted drops of Murals Wallpaper in exchange for an honest review.


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