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Burt’s Bees are those wonderful people that have brought us desirable products that are natural and lusty. As well as giving us amazing lip products, the brand has now launched some new products including lip glosses, shimmers, lip shines and more in an array of on-trend, fashionable colours. After seeing some of the new pieces, I knew I had to try and test some out, especially these dark lip colours which I really want to wear more.

Lip Shimmer

For those who don’t wear much colour, the Shimmer in the Watermelon Pasteque, is a great product to wear and has a lovely hint of dark pink too it. With a refreshing mint smell, the Shimmer will moisturize and make your lips tingle(at first) but is a great everyday product to carry around in your bag and use all day.

Lip Gloss

I normally don’t wear many lip gloss’ as I find they can be sticky and sometimes go everywhere but on your lips!  I am wearing the Evening Glow in the gorgeous Red and I love the smell and colour of this product! I really should have put moisturizer on first as it isn’t very good on dry lips but it is a great and discreet gloss that is ideal to wear for a night out with the girls!

Lip Shine

The Lip Shine in the Smooch was the one product I was really keen to try.  As it appears to be really dark, I wasn’t sure how it would look on my lips but it looks really complimentary. With a nice feel to the product like the Gloss, it is a great item and I think you could wear this for anytime, day or night.

Check out Burt’s Bees products here and of course, don’t forget to comment below if you have ever tried these as I would love to hear your thoughts!


(Me wearing the Shimmer in Watermelon Pasteque)

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