River Island Women’s and Men’s A/W 2012

There was a pretty varied range of inspirations from River Island for A/W 2012. With feminine cuts included in vintage styles of outerwear, heavy embroidery and a slight dark and Gothic side, things at River are getting edgy. The women’s collection continues the studded and embellishment styles from S/S but has updated the colour base to suit the colder months ahead. Men’s mean while, has taken more of a 90’s inspiration from the ‘Mexican rug’ print which has been inserted into bags, belts and body warmers and works extremely well,

All images by Bunnipunch


One response to “River Island Women’s and Men’s A/W 2012”

  1. Is it wrong that this gets pulse racing for A/W? It is all the fur, plum hues & studs – looks like a great collection. xxx

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