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Shock absorber bra review

With a busy job that consists of late nights and working weekends, I have put on weight. Now I didn’t mean this to happen but when you aren’t looking after yourself properly, it’s easily done. I was eating the wrong food, my cholesterol crept up and I felt knackered all the time.

Shock Absorber review

As I’m trying to get back into a healthier mindset, I have just started back at the gym but was in need of a great sports bra to keep me in place and floppy free. I have had many sports bras before but always found that some rubbed me when I went running or were just plain rubbish.
This is where the cool people of Shock Absorber come in. Built for girls of many sizes including small back and big rackers like me, these bras are just the ticket for throwing yourself into a new fitness routine without hurting your pups.

Shock absorber bra reviewShock absorber bra review

I wanted to try out this print non-underwired optioned as soon as it arrived so I decided a spot of Yoga in the garden was an ideal road test. Luckily enough the bunnies were away when I planned this or it would have been a nightmare with them all hopping about.

After a warm up, I launched straight into a downward facing dog and was amazed that my boobs felt nice and secure and comfortable too! I even tried some simply breathing exercises to expand my rib cage and back and I couldn’t feel the bra digging in anywhere.

Shock absorber bra reviewShock absorber bra review

I have since used this bra at the gym on the trend mill and it was great to really go for it, not hold back and not worry about my boobs moving about. I love the design and colour too which is really flatting on, no matter your size.

Shock absorber bra reviewShock absorber bra review Shock absorber bra review Shock absorber bra review Shock absorber bra review

I think some some girls still do not realise how important a good sports bra can be when you work out. No matter what your size is, it’s key to keeping your breasts safe, secure and not cause any long term damage that you will see later in the future.

Shock absorber bra review Shock absorber bra review Shock absorber bra review

But hey, why not try out your own Shock Absorber bra!

For the full range of products and info on the brand, click here.

Shock absorber bra review


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