Sage Advice For Living Wild And Free

Imagine if you could wake up one day and feel totally free from all your problems. No more guilt, shame, fear, anger or loneliness. Imagine if all your anxiety about life could suddenly be lifted and you could proceed as if there wasn’t a single problem in your life. 

It may sound like a pipe dream but, strangely, there are many people who have achieved these states of mind. They left the collective unconscious of their culture behind, said goodbye to all the negativity inside themselves, and reconnected with their true spirit in a powerful way. 

So how do you live wild and free?

Get The Basics Sorted First

Before you awaken yourself, you first want to get all the basics in place. You want your body to become a platform or a springboard you can use to achieve higher states of wellbeing. Start by eating natural food. Get rid of all the junk in your fridge and cupboards, then begin exercising and getting regular sleep. Follow a routine for a couple of months and watch how you become leaner, stronger and healthier. 

Take A Cold Shower

Try taking a cold shower. Cold water changes how your biochemistry works and can lead to feelings of deep relaxation and euphoria. It has also been proven that cold showers improve your immune system.

Get Out In The Sun

Being in nature is essential for our wellbeing as humans. In fact, it’s something that we need biologically. We create vitamin D in our skin when exposed to sunlight. It is responsible for us having strong bones and healthy bowel movements. 

Deal With Your Demons

Living with demons in your psyche from the past is a surefire way to make your life miserable in the present. Do whatever you can to fight them. Buy CBD oil, go to a meditation class, or engage in regular therapy. Find some sort of spiritual practice that lifts you out of old patterns and lets you find a new way to live. 

Create Something For Others

Don’t hoard your talents, create something for other people. Find ways to add value to your life and theirs. The more value you can offer the world, the more meaningful your life will become. 

Be Your Authentic Self

The modern world often tries to get us to live other people’s lives. Family, friends, teachers and the media constantly tell us who we are. But this might actually be a long way from the truth. We might not be the people they say we are at all. We may actually be very different from that. 

Always listen to your inner voice. Trust what it says about who you are and what you should be doing with your precious time. 

DISCLAIMER: This is a collaborative post.


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