Searching for that Wedding outfit amongst the frogs

We have all been there. The place between panic and no man’s land, when you are given a wedding invitation and have no idea of what to wear.
As I am getting married in just over a month, I have done the look round the shops with my Mum to look for something for her to wear and if I was in her shoes, I would be up S**t creak.
As weddings are pretty traditional(even though mine will be far from it) guests, whether they are family or friends really don’t have a great selection of nice things to choose from and sometimes end up wearing something long with ‘big flowers’ just so they tick that box of tradition meets fashion(which can sometimes be debatable).
With some many fashion brands out there now, I have pulled together a few options that are cute, sexy, colourful and above all, non-traditional because who wants to go to a wedding and look like everyone else?
Floral Blazer – Bank
Dress – Own the Runway
Hair Piece – Alexandre De Paris 
Shoes – River Island
Dress – Quiz
Bag – Olga Berg
Necklace – Lollipops
Shoes – River Island
Bandeau Top – Oh my Love
Skirt – Darling
Shoes –Desigual
Sunglasses – Givenchy
Earrings – Lollipops
Jacket – Darling
Dress – Desigual
Bracelet – Lollipops
Shoes – Lipsy
Hair slide – Alexandre De Paris 
Bag – Lipsy
Dress – Own the Runway
Shoes – Aldo
Bag – Olga Berg
Earrings – Aldo
Sunglasses – Giorgio Armani

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